O&M Service Levels

Our Service Levels

Contractual Delivery Service

The contractual delivery service offers a structured and coordinated process for collation of the O&Ms in line with standard employers requirements, throughout the construction phase of the project, to the handover phase. This service level summary includes;

Project-specific structure design of the O&M format, utilising and adapting SFC standard format.

Contractor O&M ‘best practice’ workshops providing a thorough briefing to contributors.

Easy to use cloud-based data collection which can be readily accessed for contractor information.

Real time tracking of the O&M as it develops throughout the project, which can be distributed to key decision makers through auditable key performance indicators.

Auditable management of document acquisition and collation by the O&M team.

Dedicated O&M coordinator who will oversee all delivery aspects of the service.

Delivery of the electronic copy of the O&Ms, both at draft and final issue.

Proprietary Service

The proprietary service includes all elements of the contractual delivery service, along with;

O&M structure bespoke to accommodate client Building Management Systems (BMS) requirements.

Tailored O&M manual sections and naming conventions for customer BMS.

Delivery to accommodate client’s ‘soft landings’ process and additional assistance to soft landings teams where required.

Assistance with O&M to BMS integration

BIMPlus Service

The BIMPlus service provides a Building Information Management (BIM) UK BIM framework and Construction Operations Building Information Exchange (COBie) specification compatible product.

Coordinated with the O&M contractual delivery service described above, this service offers a suite of tailored services utilising GTL’s powerful GliderBIM collaborative platform and BIM software package to meet your specific BIM requirements.

This service level is driven by the client, but could include;

COBie-compliant data providing total interoperability with third-party systems.

View, search, edit and export model asset data in COBie format for required data drops.

Export accurate, compliant, fully populated models to IFC format.

Establish information requirements and track their completion through to design and construction

Merge multiple models to create a single federated model.

Automatically create, issue and track RFIs to model authors for incomplete asset information.

Dashboard reports track the completion of model tasks and asset information completeness.

Built-in model viewer provides interactive navigation of 3D model files for both mobile and web.

Offer of Service Platform with GTL for Building Life Span.