Audits / Inspections

Clients and contractors have a responsibility to ensure that their projects are completed safely and without harm to people. Robust safe systems of work, RAMS and construction phase plans are only effective if they are implemented properly, but how can you be sure if this is being done?

Audits and inspections are a proactive method of monitoring the implementation of safe working processes on site, identifying areas for improvement and mitigation measures to reduce the risk of accidents happening.

Safety For Construction have a wealth of experience carrying out site audits and inspections on behalf of major developers and clients across the UK. We cover a wide array of sectors including education, residential, aviation, rail, commercial, retail, healthcare and leisure, using our expertise to not only identify problems but to provide solutions with tangible benefits.

Our audits and inspections can be tailored to fit your needs so they are as concise and as detailed as you need them to be, whether it’s a one off or on a regular basis.