Pre Qualification Assessment

Why assess Competence?

Under CDM2015 one of the main duties of the Client is to ensure that those they appoint can deliver the project in a way that secures health and safety. This would mean that they would need to have the necessary capabilities and resources, with the right blend of skills, knowledge, training and experience to understand their roles and responsibilities when carrying out the work.

Safety for Construction (SFC) have developed varying questionnaires (appropriate to differing situations) to enable the Client to make an informed decision as to whether a company is competent to carry out the role tendered for.

The questionnaires follow the core criteria assessment process which is prescribed in the SSiP Terms of Reference (which can be viewed at The process adheres to the Publicly Available Specification for prequalification questionnaires in construction related procurement (PAS91).

How can SFC help?

SFC have a team of advisors to work with Clients and businesses across the Construction industry to assess competence with a case-by-case approach. At SFC we understand that all businesses are different, this is not a box ticking exercise, it is in place to ensure our Clients meet their legal duties.

Our ethos is to encourage a positive health and safety culture throughout the supply chain, whilst applying a pragmatic approach to protecting the workforce and therefore inspiring common sense in the workplace.

We have developed our questionnaires to adapt to businesses of varying sizes and we understand that risk levels vary throughout different activities and environments.
One of the primary aims of our PQQ process is to reduce the need for multiple assessments, reduce hours spent completing questionnaires, and attaching evidence to demonstrate your capabilities and experience.

For a supplier of services, once accredited through an SSiP scheme future tender submissions can be a smooth road to demonstrating your commitment to health and safety in the workplace.

For the Client, this provides a record of competence assessments in line with Regulation 8 of CDM2015 in demonstrating the appointment of competent persons.
Remember, when proving competence, it’s not always about how long a company has operated without a recorded accident and it doesn’t need to be about how much money is spent. A pragmatic approach to holistic health and safety arrangements can help towards saving time, money and increasing productivity and competition, but most importantly, a proactive step to protecting lives.